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7 Quick Takes (Vol. 2)


This week is very stream of consciousness. Apologies 🙂

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1. Blessings, blessings, blessings galore! I know I should be thankful everyday but this week God has been especially good.
– I got the placement with Midwives for Midwives! I’ll be living with a traditional midwife and her ten children in a small rural village called Patzun for three months (with the option to extend) Jan-March 2010.
– A paying job miraculously dropped itself into my lap. A local woman cold-called me to see if I could help her for about 20 hours a week. She is founder/director/development officer/jack-of-all trades of an up and coming non-profit The Boma Fund. They work in Northern Kenya just giving away money to rural entrepreneurs (not micro-lending, granting!). It’s a pretty sweet job: I can work from home most days and I help her raise money for people who really need it. And with all the press the org is getting it will look very shiny on my resume. Very satisfying, indeed!

2. To commemorate how very different my life is from just a few years ago, I made a new iTunes mix called “I’m not who I was.” Initially it was just going to have my “inspirational” music, but slowly it morphed into any music that makes me profoundly and wonderfully joyful. The result was a playlist of 924 songs! But it was worth it! So may I humbly recommend that we all make something of that sort to lift our spirits (especially during these fairly depressing times).

3. My parents are away for the weekend and my brothers are probably going to sleepover with friends, so I’ll have the (huge and creepy) house to myself. I think I’ll watch Little Women or some other chick flick.

4. On the topic of creepy, does anyone have any good ghost stories? This old house used to be pretty weird but it seems to have chilled out considerably lately. Maybe I’ll post some stories here sometime. Although probably this is better suited to Halloween not Spring, eh?


6. My little Lenten sacrifice is going quite well and very helpful. Giving up planning is challenging but I feel lighter and less stressed. I suppose this what the trusting in the Lord feels like.

7. If any of you are teachers/homeschoolers here is a shameless plug for a curriculum created by The Boma Fund/Cows for Kids . It’s FREE and focused on creating global citizenship/social entrepreneurship designed for middle school students. The book is great, the charity is great and it’s being picked up by a lot of independent schools. Enjoy!


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  1. No ghost stories here, thankgoodnesscrossmyfingerspraisethelord! But I’m big on chick flicks. The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is like, 5 hours long, and wonderful. You should definitely watch it to keep the huge and creepy house at bay.

    Congrats on the midwife training and new job!

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