Fides, veritas et virtus

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 4)


1. Gidget is back! –

Gidget's the one on the left.

Gidget's the one on the left.

Six blood transfusions and 10 days later, she is stable enough to be home with her family. It will be a while before she is back to 100% but we are all relieved to have our little clown home. Thank you for your thoughts and well-wishes!

2. Deadlines, deadline – It looks like I’ll have to pass up Easter in Florida this year because of a looming work deadline (everyone thought we had until the end of April…turns out we have less than 2 weeks). I’ll miss seeing our Miami family, but to be honest, the idea of a peaceful time at home sounds lovely.

3. My mood is considerably less morose than it was earlier this week. But I still worry that my “meditation” post was a bit of an overshare. Dommage. I was only being authentic…if I scared off any readers with the dark subject matter, my apologies. I’m a just a work in progress.

4. Danielle – my bestest friend and bestest cousin – is considering starting a blog about her family adventures with her two children and the upcoming adoption of her younger brother. I think she’d have a lot to write about…will keep ya’ll posted.

5. Looky looky – a free NFP resource!  (Natural Family Planning: The Complete Resource – John and Sheila Kippley, 156 pages) It looks like you can download the whole thing for free. Free is good.

6. Are any of you familiar with Mother Maria Skobtsova? She’s been showing up in reading and conversation a lot lately. I wonder if its a saintly contact thing or purely coincidental. Regardless she seems like an inspirational figure worthy of more study. At least I really like this quote –

I am your message, Lord. Throw me like a blazing torch into the night, that all may see and understand what it means to be a disciple.

7. So, a few months back I recieved a patron saint for 2009 through this ministry ( ). My saint – St. Crescentia – is virtually unknown, some sources have even removed her from the calender of saints, but kept her husband and foster son. This crazy idea popped into my head – to write an account of her story, her martyrdom, clearly fictionalized, as a way of “getting to know her.” I brushed that idea aside for a weeks but finally started developing an actual story this week. Do I sound like a crazy person?

Maybe I’ll post a little something here if it turn into anything good.

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  1. 4- I’d love to read Danielle’s soon-to-be blog!
    5- And this I WILL look at…I’m new at NFP, and very interested. Thanks for the tip!
    7- Sounds like a story I’d enjoy…get to work! No pressure…

    Have a great weekend!

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago
  2. * Rae says:

    1. Glad that your dog is better, even though I don’t know you and didn’t know that anything was wrong until I just read that she is better.

    2. That is too bad. This is the first time in a few years that I’ve not had a ton of work hanging over me during Holy Week/Easter, and it is so good. Of course you can also count the stress as penitential, so it all works out.

    6. I actually haven’t heard of her at all that I can remember. Does that make me a bad Catholic?

    7. Doesn’t sound crazy at all. Just maybe a little fanatical. And that can be good! 😉

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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