Fides, veritas et virtus

Close encounters of the “furred” kind


This fella (or someone quite like him) very nearly wound up in the passenger seat of my car last night.

I drove off to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for our sick pup when I saw what looked like a person galumphing forward in a Michelin-man suit, barreling towards the street. I slowed way down, thinking it was a kid playing around in the dark. I had nearly stopped, when the Michelin-man suited person, also slammed on his brakes and stopped, just inches away from my passenger window.

We made eye contact for a few seconds. He looked panicked and seemed to ask to run on his merry way in front of my car. I murmured “Go ahead, I won’t hurt you,” and onward he galumphed in front of my car. The whole exchange took about ten seconds.

When he ran before my headlights I realized he was on all fours.
After driving on a few feet I realized my Michelin-man person was furry and black with copper about his face and kind of looked like a dog.
I then thought about how much I would have liked to pet him.

It probably took me about a minute after the fact to realize that “he” was a bear – not person, not a dog.

Oh life in Vermont!


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