Fides, veritas et virtus

Church awkwardness

It is possible that I am the most awkward peace passer known to man. It’s my (almost) favorite part of Mass, the part that before I really knew about the Eucharist made me want to go to church on Sunday, but lately my social anxiety has made me loathe it so.

Probably this is a phase, a reflection of the current rut that I’m in, but lately hand-shaking time comes around and I want to crawl under a pew.

I’m always the one smiling expectantly, ready to greet and meet all the surrounding people, hand half-extended. But then I realize I’m in the middle of so many families, so many friends. It seems strange to be alone. I don’t want to interrupt any interactions by thrusting my hand forward. So I stand there awkwardly shifting my weight from foot to foot, willing the ceremony to continue so I can get out of there.


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