Fides, veritas et virtus


God is so good!
Today I received a lovely card from my neighbor congratulating me on my upcoming graduation ceremony – enclosed was a bit of money to start me off on my next big adventure.

The quantity was exactly (to the penny) amount that I needed to make a crucial financial deadline by the end of this week. Alleluia!

This reminds me of a quote from Mother Angelica –
“My experience is: God gives you what you need as you need it. When we had bills for $300 one week, $350 would come in. Usually, just what you need comes in – not much more – just what you need.”

— Also, regarding my previous concerns about not being able to give 2 weeks notice at work before I head out. K., my boss, told me that she thought that these next few weeks would be the last bit of work that she would need for a while. And the new intern is coming in at the end of May. Basically, my move on May 8th is not inconveniencing her at all. I love it when things work out!


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