Fides, veritas et virtus

Things that I am only just realizing…

– Graduation is Sunday May 17th…not May 15th as I have emphatically been telling everyone (including my mother, grandmother, cousins, father…everyone).

– Losing 15 pounds in 4 months is great and all, but it does have an effect on how your clothes fit. Methinks I’ll need to either a) hire a tailor, or b) basically buy a new wardrobe soon. All of which requires money, which I don’t have. In the meantime all of my clothes have started to resemble potato sacks.

– That I won’t be able to give my boss a full two weeks notice now (though I think that it is at least partially her fault because she didn’t return my emails or phone calls last week). My last day of work in the office has to be May 7th. I am suggesting that I continue to work, albeit from a distance, until the intern from SLC arrives in July. As long as I have an internet connection and a phone line, I should be able to accomplish most of the tasks she needs. So it’s not that bad, is it??

– Now that it suddenly 90 degrees outside, I realize that the air conditioner is broken in my car. It probably just needs more Frion. I am not enthused.


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