Fides, veritas et virtus

Still here, promise!!

Oh golly, I’m sorry that I disappeared like that. The past few weeks/month has been crazy, but slowly things are falling back into routine. (And boy do I crave a routine!)

Brief update –
1. Moved to Maryland about 2 weeks ago. Still searching for a job, but there are many to be had. So I am hopeful.
2. Chopped off twelve inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love. My head feels lighter. It feels oddly symbolic, as if I needed to cut off my hair to get a fresh start.
3. Living with my darling recently widowed grandmama – she needs the company, and I need the discounted living arrangements.
4. Completed promotional movie #2 for The BOMA Fund. That’s two 10-minute movies in 1.5 months, for use nationally and abroad. Whew! Glad that is over!
5. My car is in the shop, but apparently there is nothing wrong with it. I find that hard to believe since “pedal to the metal” it would only go barely 50 mph yesterday. Oh, and it’s in the shop in Massachusetts (I’m in Maryland) because…..
6. This weekend I FINALLY became a college graduate! Yes ma’m, after almost 6 years I am officially a Smith College alum. Woot woot! The ceremony was held outside despite the drizzle – cold and wet…not fun. But I have the pretty and important piece of paper. So no complaints!


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